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HAARP, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes, Part I – Examining HAARP and Hurricane Katrina

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montalk.net » 13 July 08
Can HAARP manipulate storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes? There is definitely a correlation between these and when HAARP is active. This series of posts will give some examples of that correlation. And while that alone does not prove a direct causal relationship, the physics of HAARP and the political agenda behind the program suggest that weather and earthquake manipulation is both possible and likely.

HAARP and Weather Manipulation

Now let’s look at our first potential correlation between notable weather events and when HAARP was active. Its activity can be read from the waterfall chart published on the HAARP website (Note to reader: HAARP took down its public website after damaging waterfall documentation possibly relating to the Japan March 2011 earthquake was released). In this first post we will examine HAARP/Alaska activity during the time of Hurricane Katrina. According to the site:

This chart is a waterfall plot of the readings taken by the Spectrum Monitor for the last 36 hours. The vertical axis is the frequency, ranging from 1 – 30 Mhz and the horizontal axis is the UTC time. Spectrum samples are taken every few minutes. The color indicates intensity of received signal at each frequency, ranging from deep blue for the weakest signals to red, yellow and white for the strongest signals.

HAARP activity is indicated by sharply defined patterns on the waterfall chart, like the slots on a piano roll or stripes on a spectrograph. There is also background noise in the charts, but those are more diffuse. What matters is the sharp patterns, their presence, sequence, when they start and stop.

Hurricane Katrina – August 23-30, 2005

HAARP was highly active in the weeks before Katrina, during, and a short time after. The correlation is therefore not complete. If HAARP were inactive during that time, then it could be proven that it had absolutely nothing to do with Katrina, but since it was indeed active, a possible link still remains.

August 22 – Remnants of Tropical Depression Ten move into position.

August 23 – Remnants form into Tropical Depression Twelve.

August 24 – Depression strengthens and is renamed Tropical Storm Katrina.

August 25 – Katrina strengthens and becomes Category 1 hurricane and strikes southeast Florida.

August 26 – Katrina weakens to tropical storm, exits on the west side of Florida into warm waters, then re-intensifies into a Category 1 hurricane. It rapidly gains strength.

August 27 – Katrina reaches the central Gulf and becomes a large and well-organized Category 3 hurricane.

August 28 – Katrina comes within a few hundred miles off the coast and grows to Category 4 early in the day, then to Category 5 by midday.

August 29 – Katrina makes landfall with 155 mph winds.

August 30 – Katrina weakens to a heavy storm affecting Tennessee and surrounding areas.

For those of you interested, here is a bit of information on the Physics of HAARP:

Physics of HAARP

What makes these ionospheric heaters so useful is that they consist of phased arrays. A phased array is a grid of antennas whose phases (timing) and amplitudes are individually adjustable. This means a great variety of different combinations can be tried out, synthesizing new and complex total wave forms. Phasing allows the output to be pointed in different directions without having to move the antennas themselves.

For anyone familiar with the works of Tom Bearden, phased arrays also allow for partial phase conjugation or canceling of the emitted electromagnetic waves. When EM waves have either (or both) of their electric and magnetic components cancelled, the contained energy takes the form of a longitudinal / potential / scalar / gravitational / temporal wave instead.

Ionospheric heaters can also “control electron density gradients and the refractive properties in selected regions of the ionosphere” meaning it can modulate ionospheric electron density. That is another powerful method of generating longitudinal waves, using the sky itself as a giant longitudinal antenna.

And so phased arrays can be used to generate an entirely different type of radiation, one that cannot be detected with standard EM-measuring instruments. Depending on their frequency and type, these waves can theoretically affect human emotion and biology, influence the weather, alter tectonic dynamics, and even manipulate our surrounding hyper-dimensional environment to allow for controlled invisibility and interdimensional maneuvering of military personnel and vehicles. In essence, everything that regular electromagnetic waves cannot really do.

This much I find plausible, that HAARP-like technologies are active on a level superseding those of regular electromagnetism, and that this is what HAARP and its sister facilities are really being used for. It is nothing the public knows about or can comprehend because this technology uses an expanded kind of physics of which only a small and sterilized subset comprises mainstream college textbooks. But it can be figured out if you have a physics background and study the implications and applications of force-free potential fields.

Sources: Wikipedia and National Geographic

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